Release notes for HAT 4.1

HAT 4.1.2 final . 1999-11-02

HAT 4.1.2b01 . 1999-10-18
  • Windows 95/98: Changed installation options (/instvxd). Now the installer looks for a built-in PC Card reader and configures the driver accordinly.
    • With a card reader: the driver is configured to use Plug & Play type 4 HAT-processors only.
    • Without a card reader: the driver is configured to use HAT-box.
    If these settings are not correct, the user must manually change them by opening the HAT-processor Configuration dialog.
  • Windows 95/98: Redesigned layout for the HAT-processor Configuration dialog.
  • Windows 95/98: Added a "Configure Driver" button to the error messages when trying to start HAT without proper contact to the HAT-processor.
  • Variable names were not always correctly renamed in formulas.
  • Fixed scaling bugs in Component Functions when showing stacked bars.
  • Improved compression of data files. New files are 15 % smaller than HAT 4.1.1 files.
    Note: new files cannot be read by earlier HAT versions.
  • French translation revised.
HAT 4.1.1 final . 1999-09-27
  • Fixed the Delete Macro menu command.
  • Fixed a scaler bug in the slidebar code. The thumb position was not always accurately calculated.
  • Some changes in the Swedish translation.
  • Server-license text removed from the base window of normal data files.
HAT 4.1.1b05 . 1999-09-07
  • Modified the texts and the layout for the Set Defaults command.
  • Added a popup menu for template names in the Save Setup template filter. Currently only the first level of template names are shown. The edit field was also made larger.
  • Removed clear key functions. Previously it was possible to erase a row in card, dimension, time scale and password editors. Under the PC-computers, the forward delete key was used as clear key.
HAT 4.1.1b04 . 1999-08-24
  • Changed keyboard command for "New Formula" from ctrl-F to ctrl-J (cmd on mac).
  • Added keyboard commands for "Cards" ctrl-F and "Lines" ctrl-L.
  • Windows: the application window is now restored to its normal size if it has been minimized and a warning message needs to be displayed. The application is also brought to foreground correctly.
HAT 4.1.1b03 . 1999-08-18
  • Changed the macro command "Modify" to close the subset or analysis window as a side effect. This ensures proper syncronization between the template and the window.
  • Default templates are now correctly reset when importing a file with new default templates.
HAT 4.1.1b02 . 1999-08-02
  • Fixed two memory leaks in card editor.
  • Windows: Fixed some memory allocation bugs. These bugs could occur when database size was reaching 1 GB.
  • Windows 95/98: Standard installation with /instvxd parameter does not reset vxd parameters if the driver is set to start statically. If the driver is set to start dynamically, or the there are no previous parameters in the system.ini file, the settings are reset to defaults.
HAT 4.1.1b01 . 1999-06-19
  • Fixed a bug that limited the number of dimension components to about 1.1 million (hash-function overflow).
  • Base window memory usage (RAM) shows now correct value, even when having millions of dimension komponents.
HAT 4.1 final . 1999-06-02
  • Added file pathname to the printed page of base info window.
  • Added support to modify a global subset using the "Modify" macro command.
HAT 4.1b21 . 1999-05-23
  • Windows: fixed a timing bug. WIN32 Sleep-procedure was called sometimes with a negative number of milliseconds to sleep.
HAT 4.1b20 . 1999-05-06
  • Updated Current limitations. HAT 4.1 and PC Card v4 are included now.
  • Dutch translation revised.
  • Windows: dragging a file directly to the HAT.exe resulted to a short pathname for the database. Now these 8.3 filenames are correctly resolved to long names.
HAT 4.1b19 . 1999-04-25
  • Added "non-zero" component filter in Component Functions.
  • Danish translation revised.
  • Windows: added Database.ImportTrans command to import transaction data stored in a variable.
HAT 4.1b18 . 1999-04-21
  • Norwegian and French translations revised.
  • Mac: text clipping files can be dragged now to text fields.
  • Mac: fixed a bug that caused a crash when using drag & drop for multiple files.
HAT 4.1b17 . 1999-04-19
  • Slovak translation revised.
  • Mac: implemented smart scrolling under MacOS 8.5 and later.
HAT 4.1b16 . 1999-04-13
  • Mac: fixed a window manager bug that caused a crash on 68K macs and MacOS 7.6.
  • Modified DeleteTemplate macro command.
  • Added DeleteSubset macro command.
HAT 4.1b15 . 1999-04-12
  • Windows: changed program file names. Full HAT is now called HAT.exe (previously HAT32.exe) and browser version BrowserHAT.exe (HAT32.exe).
  • Changed binary file identifier to make it less likely to be mixed with text files by mail network clients.
  • Mac: added database name as the first part in window name when more than one database is open at the same time.
  • Modified Window Naming for transfer windows. New scheme is "First >> Second" instead of "Second << First".
  • Modified Save Setup tabs and layout.
  • Made formula fields larger in Time and Component Functions.
  • Changed appearance of disabled edit fields.
HAT 4.1b14 . 1999-04-05
  • Mac: Implemented accurate outline font metrics for printing. Outline fonts are now always preferred over the bitmapped fonts.
  • Implemented Base Info printing.
  • Changed /instvxd to start vxd dynamically (Plug & Play).
    The HAT-box support and PCMCIA Card Services support are disabled by default. Use HAT-Processor Configuration dialog to turn them on when needed.
  • Modified HAT-Processor Configuration dialog.
HAT 4.1b13 . 1999-03-30
  • Fixed date format "M D Y" in import setup.
  • Modified variable name functions to support variables with embedded space characters.
  • Added "Remove" button in Set Defaults. This choice makes it easy to clear the previous defaults and restore initial settings.
  • Fixed variable replacement in Subset Editor.
  • Modified Norwegian translation.
  • Changed Exclude Rows in Import Setup to show the excluded lines on a gray background instead of not displaying them at all.
  • Implemented printing of notes and signatures in card editor.
  • Added value axis inversion in Component Functions
  • Added cancel keys (esc or cmd-period) to interrupt default column width calculation.
HAT 4.1b12 . 1999-03-18
  • Mac: changed download file format back to BinHex.
  • Mac: reimplemented some low-level drawing functions when printing using color. These changes were motivated by the Adobe PDFWriter. Color printing must be enabled when printing to PDFWriter.
  • Windows: added "minimize" button to fixed size windows. Now it is possible to exclude the database window from the "Tile" command.
  • Moved base statistics to a separate Base Info window. Added first/last card-ID, file size and template info to statistics. Base window shows now only the most often used numbers. Base info window can be activated by clicking the file icon in the Base window.
  • Added a warning message when opening a template which is already open.
  • Mac: added Internet Explorer to the export programs menu.
HAT 4.1b11 . 1999-03-08
  • Moved "Save As" button in Save Setup out from "General" tab. Now this button is always available.
  • Modified implementation of In Use in Component Functions. Now the direct line count on each component is used instead of non-zero numeric value.
  • Reimplemented variable copy/paste in Time and Component Functions. Now the currently selected variable is replaced with the first variable in clipboard. All variables are replaced if "Variables" is focused.
  • Implemented Expand All menu command for Components and Component Functions analyses.
  • Added Set Column Widths menu command in Edit menu to set all columns to their best width.
  • Mac: changed hierarchical window menu to be hierarchical only if more than one database is open.
HAT 4.1b10 . 1999-03-07
  • Added HTML export format for numeric data.
  • Added "Action" menu for easier macro execution.
  • Added password protection for macro editing.
  • Fixed decimal string presentation bug: decimal settings -3 and -6 added quotes even when the numbers were nans and infs.
  • Mac: implemented hierarchical window menu.
  • Mac: changed compression format to Stuffit 5.1 and MacBinary. Together these make about 35 % smaller files and faster downloads.
HAT 4.1b09 . 1999-02-19
  • Added an error message for an undefined subset in Subset Parser.
  • Added Combination Methods and Measure Cases in Component Functions. Modified transfers to support Combinations and Measure Cases.
  • Changed error message file handling. Now the error file name and position is stored in the database, and preserved from one file operation to another. Previous error file at that location is overwritten. Macro command ErrorFile can be used to set the error file name.
HAT 4.1b08 . 1999-02-13
  • Minimum size of the scroll bar thumb made larger (changed from 8 to 9 pixels).
  • Implemented HAT 3.1-like live scrolling. A few lines at top are scrolled while dragging the thumb.
  • Added DeleteComponent command in macro language.
  • Added the number of cards information in Subset windows.
HAT 4.1b07 . 1999-02-09
  • Added Execute command in Command Section and macros.
  • Implemented Macros.
  • Changed HAT-Commands file format.
    Commands and parameters are now separated by whitespace, previously by tabs. This makes it easier to write commands and macros. Most scripts work without modification. The Import command requires special attention: password and import setup parameters are specified differently now. Also all parameters including spaces needs to be surrounded by "double quotes".
HAT 4.1b06 . 1999-02-06
  • "Active" and "In Use" alternatives in Dimensions-tab in SaveSetup check now component usage in templates and global subsets if those sections are included. Previously only cards and lines were checked.
  • Added Template Lines Only option in Cards tab in Save Setup.
  • Mac: Changed focus indication on Tab control to show a dotted frame around the tab content area instead of a dotted line under the current tab.
  • Added Must be filled in option for dimensions.
HAT 4.1b05 . 1999-01-29
  • Implemented exponential interest calculation in the Lines analysis type. Removed 2-decimal limit on interest percentage.
  • Changed the order of line and bar icons presentation mode chooser in the Lines analysis type.
  • Clicking on column titles brings the "Options" definition page up on the Cards analysis type.
  • Added an operator menu for template name filter in Save Setup.
  • Implemented correct handling of scroll bar positions when switching presentation modes.
  • Added "Day", "Week", "Month", "Year", "File" and "Reference" operators to Card ID parser in subsets.
  • Added operator menu for Card ID fields.
  • Windows: Shortcuts are resolved always. Previously dropping a shortcut file was not supported.
  • Transfer from Components Analysis to Lines: Only the most relevant header line is presented in Lines.
  • Macintosh: Minimum size of the scroll bar thumb made larger (changed from 5 to 8 pixels).
  • Fixed Cards, Lines, Components and Save Setup bug causing improper edit field updates when changing Card ID ordinal number digit count and not showing the selection definition page in the analyses.
  • Removed the limitation of max 65535 cards per day. Now 999 999 cards can be stored on a single day.
HAT 4.0.5b04 . 1999-01-11
  • Added file type text under file icon in File Window.
  • Tab interface for Save Setup Editor.
  • Dimension components can be pasted in as text in Dimension Editor.
  • Time periods can be pasted in as text in Time Scale Editor.
  • Changed positions of the separator lines in Edit Menu.
  • Added Expand All menu command to expand all components in Dimension Editors. Command key is not used for expansion anymore. Command-Shift-Enter (Ctrl-Shift in Windows) can be used as a shortcut.
  • Windows OLE: Added a new method Database.ImportText to import a HAT-Text file contents in a string variable without storing the data first in a file.
  • Return key in Card Editor forwards focus when pressed in Card ID or Card Title fields.
HAT 4.0.5b03 . 1998-12-21
  • Export and Print options are taken from analysis defaults when transferring from one analysis to another.
  • Implemented better error checking for corrupted data files. Now HAT binary files (Analyser and Browser) can be sent securely over the internet. Possible transmission errors are catched and reported to the user.
HAT 4.0.5b02 . 1998-12-10
  • Win32: Integrated HATP32.DLL functions in main program file.
  • Added support for HAT-Server processor.
  • Added support for Browser file format.
  • Implemented better compression for data files.
  • File format version updated to 981202.
HAT 4.0.5b01 . 1998-11-13
  • Fixed a bug in printing. Data rows were always printed, even when the "Data Rows" checkbox was unchecked.
  • Modified all layouts to use larger fonts. Geneva/Helvetica 10 is used on Mac, Arial 11 in Windows.
  • Replaced the method for invoking context sensitive popup menus. Previously a double click was used to invoke the menus, but that made it quite difficult to select words in text. Now a triple click, command/control click or arrow-triangle click is required.
  • Revised Norvegian translation.
  • Enhanced functionality of Import Setup.
    • Added text conversions for Card Title, Notes and Line Text fields.
    • Moved "Date Format" to "Date" definition page.
    • Moved items in "Line Fields" / "Options" to "Value" definition page.
    • Implemented "New Components" control for each dimension separately.
    • Added "Nearest Host Code" mode to new dimension compontents.
    • Added separator fields to value definition and implemented a numeric calculator if separators are used. This makes it possible to perform calculations between fields during import.
  • File format version updated to 981105.
HAT 4.0.4 final . 1998-11-04

HAT 4.0.4b27 . 1998-10-30
  • File format version updated to 981029.
  • Changes in German translation.
  • Columns in Cards template were stored using incorret selectors.
  • Dimension rearranging (renumbering) defined in Save Setup was not implemented correctly in several places. Fixed these bugs in Import Setup, Subset, Cards and Lines.
HAT 4.0.4b26 . 1998-10-24
  • Fixed a bug in the new sorting algorithm in Components and Component Functions.
  • Added "HAT User's Manual" menu command to the Help menu. It appears only if the manual pdf file is installed.
  • Added "Help" button in vxd configuration dialog. It appears only if the vxd help file is installed.
HAT 4.0.4b25 . 1998-10-22
  • Better optimized algorithm to sort large flat structures in Components and Component Functions. Worst case sort time is now O(n log n).
    Warning: There is a bug in this version which was corrected in b26.
HAT 4.0.4b24 . 1998-10-21
  • Added Swedish and Finnish strings for the vxd configuration dialog.
HAT 4.0.4b23 . 1998-10-05
  • Card editor size for a new card can be set now using "Set Defaults" command.
HAT 4.0.4b22 . 1998-09-20
  • Fixed a decimal separator bug in numeric parser.
  • Modified About dialog and version strings.
  • Added code to detect and warn if circular referencies are used in formulas in time- and component functions.
  • Windows: Added Help menu. Moved About-command to the Help menu.
  • Win32: Added /instvxd, /uninstvxd, /configvxd and /bootcheck command line options.
  • Components: Fixed a bug that caused a crash when clicking the first line in a zero-sized and completely collapsed pie.
  • Re-enabled transfer from Lines to Cards. It was accidentally disabled in b17-b21.
HAT 4.0.4b21 . 1998-09-07
  • Fixed huffman read-buffer overflow bug.
HAT 4.0.4b20 . 1998-09-07
  • Fixed huffman write-buffer overflow bug.
HAT 4.0.4b19 . 1998-09-04
  • Fixed some scrolling bugs in dimension editor.
  • Implemented transfer click on Time Functions Before -line.
  • Removed "System Setup" menu and added these items in "Preferences" dialog.
  • Transfers between Time and Component Functions modified so that the selected variable is activated when opening the next analysis.
HAT 4.0.4b18 . 1998-08-29
  • Fixed a Windows-95 bug: popup menus did not disappear correctly.
  • Added "System Setup" menu for easier access to Associate and reg/unreg OLE-Server.
  • Added a separate error message if saving a file that is locked.
  • Added a separate error message if saving a file without write permission.
  • Fixed a bug that could result not saving the database when exiting. If an error occured during the file save, the exit command was not interrupted.
  • Prepared for "Active Tracking". This feature is currently not in use.
HAT 4.0.4b17 . 1998-08-18
  • Added a transfer in time functions when clicking a line segment.
HAT 4.0.4b16 . 1998-08-14
  • Fixed a bug in Install Template which caused a crash if a template name was changed to be one of higher levels in template hierarchy.
  • Windows: Added upper limit of 600 bytes for printdevmode records in templates.
HAT 4.0.4b15 . 1998-08-12
  • Win32: Added code to check if file type association is correct.
  • Modified cursor handling so that hair cross is always shown when another window will come up. Affected analysis types: Cards, Lines and Time Functions.
  • Clicking value or time axis in Lines analysis brings the graphics definition page in front.
  • Added Fs option to Save command in Commands section. This option causes the file name and type to be set to the open database.
HAT 4.0.4b14 . 1998-07-29
  • Modified NT driver installation.
    Now it seems to work. At least the system registry is not corrupted.
HAT 4.0.4b13 . 1998-07-27
  • Modified NT driver installation.
    It still does not work properly and corrupts the system registry.
    Do not use /instnt or /uninstnt.
HAT 4.0.4b12 . 1998-07-15
  • Added command line parameters to help installing our native Windows NT device driver:
    • /instnt updates system registry with our driver keys.
    • /uninstnt removes our driver keys from the system registry.
    This installation routine does not work properly yet, it corrupts the system registry.
    Do not use /instnt or /uninstnt with this version.
  • Added a text item in the About-dialog to show how HAT-Processor is connected.
HAT 4.0.4b11 . 1998-07-04
  • New templates could not be installed. This was a minor bug in Install Template -dialog.
HAT 4.0.4b10 . 1998-06-14
  • Double clicking in text and value fields now selects words instead of bringing down the operator popup menu.
  • Macintosh: Added a timeout of 10 seconds to the popup menu tracker to disable tracking when the mouse is not moving and the mouse button is up.
  • Fixed a subset transform bug. When duplicating a global subset, the newly created lines where duplicated recursively causing illegal memory referencies.
HAT 4.0.4b09 . 1998-06-11
  • Page setup record storage bugs fixed.
  • Added a checkbox in Preferences dialog box to disable automatic check of data file changes on disk.
HAT 4.0.4b08 . 1998-05-29
  • Added a Page Setup -checkbox in Install Template dialog box.
    By default the page setup record is not saved in an analysis template.
HAT 4.0.4b07 . 1998-05-18
  • Added a warning if trying to open a corrupted HAT-file.
  • Windows: Fixed a print record length bug.
  • Windows: Modified OLE-interface:
    • Added Visible, WindowState and ExitOnRelease properties to HAT.Application
    • Added Quit method to HAT.Application
    • Added Close method to HAT.Database
HAT 4.0.4b06 . 1998-04-22
  • Printing analysis notes: enough space is reserved on page header to print analysis notes.
    Previously only notes with six lines or less printed correctly.
  • Windows: OLE-typelib (what.tlb) integrated in HAT32.exe file.
    1. Execute command line "HAT32 /unregserver" to clear previous library references from system registry.
    2. Delete outdated type library file wHAT.tlb
    3. Execute command line "HAT32 /regserver" to take the new integrated type library in use.
  • Windows: Default extension (.hat or .hax) is appended to a given file name if no extension is specified in File/Save As dialog.
  • Windows: Shortcuts were not resolved.
    HAT-Commands and OLE commands referring to a shortcut file are now resolved
    to the original file. This is supported in 32-bit version only.
  • Windows: Full pathnames did not work in HAT-Commands and OLE commands.
    Drive specific (C:\dir\file) and network pathnames (\\server\dir\file) are now supported.
HAT 4.0.4b05 . 1998-04-12
  • Added preliminary OLE support.
    To enable OLE support place the wHAT.tlb file in the same folder as the HAT32.exe and execute a command line command "HAT32 /regserver".
    OLE is supported only in 32-bit version of HAT.
  • Added a command line parameter /associate to the 32-bit windows version. This causes HAT to update the system registry with correct .hat and .hax file type information.
  • Added U+, U- and T= selectors to Save command.
  • Card Editor field selections: removed unnecessary updates.
  • Command section command Transform selectors TF and TT did not work.
HAT 4.0.4b04 . 1998-04-06
  • Printer setup is stored in templates. This was not implemented in windows version before.
  • Implemented Undo command in text edit fields.
  • Fixed a bug in macintosh version which made it impossible to enter a password longer than 16 characters.
HAT 4.0.4b03 . 1998-03-27
  • Added "Page Setup" button in printing definition page.
  • Implemented PageUp/PageDown/Home/End keys with command/ctrl key to scroll data area vertically.
  • Implemented Home and End keys to switch to first and last definition page.
  • Import Setup: Fixed bugs in example file selections with fixed field length.
  • Windows: New DLL's required (version 26).
  • Transfers from Time and Component Functions implemented.
  • Column order can be changed now in Time and Component Functions also when showing graphical presentation.
HAT 4.0.4b02 . 1998-03-02
  • Minor bug fixes.
HAT 4.0.4b01 . 1998-02-19
  • Better MacOS 8 user interface support.
HAT 4.0.3 final . 1998-02-01

HAT 4.0.3b06 . 1998-01-29
  • MacOS 8: Window background color bug fixed.
  • Windows: Page scaling bug in printing fixed.
HAT 4.0.3b05 . 1998-01-23
  • Card editor bug fixed.
HAT 4.0.3b04 . 1998-01-20
  • Added operator popup menus for card title, line text and value fields.
  • Combined Columns and options pages to a single definition page in Cards analysis.
HAT 4.0.3b03 . 1998-01-15
  • Added a definition page in Cards analysis to select which columns to show.
  • Modified storage of configuration parameters and program preferences. 32-bit Windows version stores all configuration information in system registry. 16-bit Windows version uses WIN.INI file and [HAT 4.0] and [HAT/BN] sections.
    Macintosh versions store preferencies in "HAT/BN Preferences" file in Preferences folder. This new format is not compatible with earlier "HAT Preferences" file. Separate configuration files are no longer produced.
  • Windows 95: New DLLs and a VxD to support 32-bit PC-Card access.
HAT 4.0.3b02 . 1997-12-22
  • Fixed some desktop drawing bugs (in popup menus).
  • Enhanced French and Slovak translations.
  • Completed support for CE fonts.
  • Fixed a correct title for file save dialogs in Save Special and import error log.
  • Changed HAT Textfile extension from htx to hax.
HAT 4.0.3b01 . 1997-12-11
  • Fixed a memory management bug under Windows NT.
  • Added first Danish translation.
HAT 4.0.2 final . 1997-12-07

HAT 4.0.2b02 . 1997-12-05
  • Printing: Better "Print Definition" layout. Spans over multiple pages if does not fit on one page.
  • Printing: Added "Fill Page Area" checkbox for line and bar charts.
  • Printing: Multiple horizontal pages implemented for numeric presentation.
HAT 4.0.2b01 . 1997-12-01
  • Windows: Wait cursor appears and disappears now correctly.
  • Progress Indicators now look more like platform's indicators.
  • Swedish terminology: Changed "Urval" to "DelmŠngd"
  • Mac 68K FPU: Fixed a formula calculation bug.
HAT 4.0.1 final . 1997-11-20
  • Mac 68K FPU: Low-level operator bug causes some formulas to calculate incorrect value. Affects Time and Component Functions.
HAT 4.0.1b10 . 1997-11-19
  • Time/Component Functions: Added formula operator popup menu.
HAT 4.0.1b09 . 1997-11-14
  • Preferences: Added item to select Do/Don't or Yes-No buttons.
  • Component Functions: Memory leakages fixed.
  • Commands: Transform empty analysis bug fixed.
HAT 4.0.1b08 . 1997-11-07
  • Print definition implemented.
  • Windows: Document maximizing bug fixed.
  • Components: Added a checkbox to remove scale indicators.
  • Variables with an identical name are replaced when pasting variables in time/component functions.
HAT 4.0.1b07 . 1997-11-04
  • Edit menu commands added for import setup line fields.
  • Decimals and sublevel information for a new variable is copied from the first variable in time/component functions.
  • An empty variable "A" is replaced when pasting in time/component functions.
  • New Subset -button added in subset definition page.
  • Norwegian terminology revised.
  • Windows style separate clicks interface for popup menus implemented (Windows and MacOS 8).
  • Windows: Drag and Drop implemented.
HAT 4.0.1b06 . 1997-10-26
  • Windows: New DLLs which create a diagnostic log file.
  • Macintosh Drag and Drop: Drop operations implemented.
HAT 4.0.1b05 . 1997-10-20
  • Printing on PC: Fixed some text measurement bugs.
  • Printing on PC: Smaller fonts fit better on paper.
  • Time and Component Functions: When a variable with a negative time period is found, it is selected with an alert message.
  • Time Functions: Added warning for negative time axis definition.
HAT 4.0.1b04 . 1997-10-02
  • MacOS 8: "Menubar & whitespace" bug fixed.
  • Windows: "Maximized new window" bug fixed.
HAT 4.0.1b03 . 1997-10-01
  • Copy Table bug in 68K Macs fixed.
  • Added "Transform" command in commands section.
  • Added "Delete Data" and "Transform" commands for subsets.
  • Dim editor new code bug fixed.
  • Added support for Central European fonts.
  • Save Setup asks adding only if it has been given a name.
  • Subset line count bug fixed.
HAT 4.0.1b02 . 1997-09-14
  • First Slovak translation.
HAT 4.0.1b01 . 1997-09-08
  • Mac PowerPC native PCMCIA driver. Supports now Powerbook 3400.
  • Mac OS 8 user interface.