Release notes for HAT 5.0

Major changes since HAT 4.1.2
  • Simplified navigation with Page Panel in analyses.
  • Support for multiple value fields up to 24.
  • Support for up to 16 dimensions.
  • Support for XML.
  • Importing files in SIE-format.
  • Aggregate tool.
HAT 5.0.1 . 2001-11-25
  • Fixed an OLE interface bug.
HAT 5.0 . 2001-11-16
  • The Danish translation changed.
  • Fixed a device name bug in the HAT-processor driver for Windows 2000 / XP.
HAT 5.0b13 . 2001-10-28 HAT 5.0b12 . 2001-10-25
  • Windows: font "MS Sans Serif" used instead of "Arial".
  • Windows: added OLE methods Database.MacroCall and Database.MacroCommand.
  • Windows: fixed OLE-related bug which could have caused a crash when closing an OLE session.
HAT 5.0b11 . 2001-10-02
  • Slovak and German translations changed.
  • "About HAT" -picture changed.
HAT 5.0b10 . 2001-09-15
  • Added "Non-zero" component filter in Components analysis.
  • Added "Options" page in global subsets.
  • Added "Zero Filling" in import setups.
HAT 5.0b09 . 2001-06-19
  • Added -all and -unused options for the DeleteComponent macro command.
  • Fixed a notification bug in DeleteComponent macro command.
  • Fixed a notification bug in DeleteData macro command.
HAT 5.0b08 . 2001-06-18
  • French translation changed.
  • Added an option to show card title in Time Functions card id column.
  • Windows: added support for mouse wheel. Numeric presentations can be scrolled and diagrams zoomed using the mouse wheel.
  • Added -dim option for the Import macro command.
  • Added "Execute when opening the database" option for macros.
HAT 5.0b07 . 2001-04-07
  • Swedish and Norwegian translations changed.
  • Reversed ctrl with pageup/pagedown.
    Now plain pageup/pagedown/home/end scrolls data area. By holding down ctrl-key (command-key on mac) they switch definition pages.
  • Fixed a crash caused by very long dimension expressions.
HAT 5.0b06 . 2001-03-13
  • Added "New Selection" context command in subset editbox.
  • Added "Modify Dimension" context command in card editor.
  • Reimplemented invocation of operator menu via right-click on edit triangle.
  • Added unbalanced subset operator.
  • Fixed dimension import bugs.
  • Fixed "Generic NT" PC-Card installation bug (ServiceGroupOrder).
  • Added delete-key (clear-key on mac) to erase variables and subsets.
HAT 4.5b05 . 2001-02-25
  • Changed maximum number of dimensions to 16.
  • Changed maximum number of value fields to 24.
  • Added right-click menus to the page panel in the Subset window.
  • Fixed right-click selection bug in large formula fields.
  • Added buttons for expanding and collapsing window header.
  • Added separate red/green, decimals and sublevels settings for each column in Components analysis.
  • Macintosh: added slide bar handles.
  • Macintosh: moved analysis type icon in the toolbar to the left side.
  • Added page panel width in analysis template storage (selector "xM").
  • Added context sensitive commands for selection variables in Time and Component Functions to Cards, Lines and Components.
  • Added "Exclude quote characters" in export options.
  • Added "Column Widths" HTML option in export options.
  • Added boldface style in HTML export.
  • Added a frame around presentation items in Time Functions analysis.
  • Added time offsets in selection variables in Time Functions analysis type.
  • Database size "In Memory" is now displayed excluding extra reserve.
  • Added Quarter card id operator in from/to boxes.
HAT 4.5b04 . 2000-12-09
  • Windows: added analysis type icons in menus.
  • Macintosh: added analysis type icon in the toolbar.
  • Macintosh: added window proxy icon in the database window (MacOS 8.5 and later).
  • Macintosh: added keyboard equivalents for Cards and Lines (MacOS 8.5 and later).
  • Added expand/collapse using mouse in Components pie chart.
  • Changed decimal separators when storing analysis formulas. No conversion is now made, both comma and point are accepted as a decimal separator. No thousand separator is accepted. If multiple points or commas are enterd, the rightmost of them is interpreted as a decimal separator.
HAT 4.5b03 . 2000-11-16
  • Windows: changed the modifier key. Now "ALT GR" is used to change meaning to the opposite, e g magnifier glass to a minus. Right click on a graph no longer steps back.
  • Fixed analysis notes printing bug. The last line in analysis notes was not always printed.
  • Added color coding of numbers (red/green) to Components.
  • Added variable icons in transfer dialog in time and component functions.
HAT 4.5b02 . 2000-11-09
  • Enabled support for multiple value fields on card lines.
    This affects almost every layout and function in HAT.
  • Changed decimal separators in files. From now on HAT always uses a point as a decimal separator in HAT-text files. Both point and comma are accepted when reading HAT-text.
    Analysis formula strings are also now stored using decimal point. This was changed again later, see 4.5b04.
  • Added export of the definition of the analysis variables (text and HTML).
    Added export of the selection in Cards, Lines and Components to XML.
  • Added conversion of Scandinavian characters to proper ampersand expressions when exporting to HTML and XML.
  • Added color coding of numbers (red/green) when exporting to HTML.
  • Added color coding of numbers (red/green) to Lines.
  • Windows: implemented OLE-based drag and drop. Both files and text can be dragged over HAT windows and items.
  • Windows: fixed a bug in window activation; the HAT application was not always brought to the foreground when displaying an alert or a dialog.
  • Windows: document pathnames containing spaces and double quotes were not handled correctly.
HAT 4.5b01 . 2000-10-26
  • Added a set of selection tools in analysis toolbar.
  • Added Copying Options menu command.
  • Added before date on the first line of a Time Functions numeric presentation.
  • Added a fly-in mode after holding mouse down for 3 seconds in line and bar graphics in Lines and Time Functions.
  • Fixed a synchronization bug with global subsets and Transform macro command.
  • Added date operators with offsets to the signature time expressions in Subset windows.
  • Added Aggregate command in Edit menu and Aggregate macro command.
  • Redesigned the Subset window layout using a page panel.
  • Added user notes to the Subset window.
  • Added small color icons in page panels.
  • Added preliminary support for reading files in SIE-format.
  • Added day offsets to from/to boxes. "Reference" and "File" operators and Time Scale period names can be now be followed by a day offset, e.g. "Reference+2".
  • Windows: better adaption to the various color theme settings in ControlPanel->Display->Appearance.
  • Windows 2000: HAT-box controls in HAT-processor Configuration Dialog are disabled when the "HAT-box support (Serial) for Windows 2000" device is not installed. PC Card interface selection menu is not displayed under Windows 2000.
HAT 4.2a09 . 2000-05-18
  • Implemented DeleteMacro macro command.
  • Implemented better labels for time periods in Time Functions.
    Previously end dates were used. Old labels can be still displayed by checking the "Show end dates" checkbox in "Options" definition page.
  • Implemented OpenTemplate macro command option -skipEmpty for Components, Time Functions and Component Functions. Now it works with all analysis types.
HAT 4.2a08 . 2000-05-08
  • Implemented hierarchical menus for Macros. Use colon (:) in macro name to separate menu levels.
  • Modified Import Setup items that define row terminator, field and decimal separator ro popup menus. Moved decimal separator to "Characters" definition page. Added simple check to see if the given row terminator and field separator make sense in the example file.
HAT 4.2a07 . 2000-03-25
  • Added COM-port controls to the Windows NT HAT-processor Configuration dialog.
HAT 4.2a06 . 2000-03-15
  • Added Message macro command.
  • Added -skipOpen option to the OpenTemplate macro command.
  • Added a check of empty dimensions in card editor.
    There has been a checkbox "Must be filled in" under "Properties" in dimension editors, but it has only affected the dimension fields in the analyses.
  • Changed page panel symbols to blue liquid.
  • Added drill-downs for header lines "Sum Before", "Positive", "Negative", "Sum After", "Maximum" and "Minimum" in Lines analysis.
HAT 4.2a05 . 2000-02-27
  • Added support for Softex PC Card system software for Windows NT.
    Modified Hatproc.sys driver (version 206 or later is required for Softex) and /instnt command line option. Added a configuration dialog for the Windows NT driver (/confignt command line option).
  • Added Red/Green option for numeric presentation in Time and Component Functions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when installing a template with local subsets. This bug is found in the previous version (4.2a04) only.
HAT 4.2a04 . 2000-02-21
  • Implemented a panel for the definition pages in all analysis types.
  • Windows: Implemented automatic submenus for long menus. This is needed because Windows does not have a built in support for menu scrolling.
  • Windows: fixed a bug in scrolling that caused invalid pixels to appear if other windows partly covered the scrolled window.
  • Changed variable definions to support Modify macro command. Now the variable title can be changed and a variable can be removed.
  • Long strings implemented. Some text fields can now be 30K long.
    See Current limitations for details.
  • MacOS 8/9: Size box tracking starts on the window border also.
HAT 4.2a03 . 2000-01-20
  • Implemented a panel for the definition pages in Import Setup.
  • Added Exclude control characters checkbox in Import Setup.
  • A file can now be dragged to the data area in Import Setup to be shown as an example file.
  • Fixed a bug in XML export code in Components. Exporting the root component resulted in a crash.
  • Implemented Examine and Approve commands for Cards and Lines. Moved these commands after "Delete Data" command in "Database" menu.
  • Updated current file version date to "000110".
HAT 4.2a02 . 1999-12-11
  • Added preliminary XML support to Cards and Components.
  • Added conversion of tag characters (< and >) to HTML/XML support.
  • Changed "Dimension" tab in Save Setup to show all defined dimensions. Previously only dimensions with components were shown.
HAT 4.2a01 . 1999-12-08
  • Added Median in Lines, Time Functions and Component Functions.
  • Added -Sum (negated sum) in Time and Component Functions.
  • Added Number of Cards header line in Lines.
  • Added preliminary XML support to Lines.
  • Added XML Command Tester in Server and Operator versions.
  • Added XML_Command in Database OLE object.
  • Added Dimension Import Setups.
  • Added -nofile and -append options to the ErrorFile macro command.
  • Added -current and -reopen options to the OpenTemplate macro command.
  • Macintosh: updated source code to Universal Interfaces 3.3.
  • Macintosh: started work to make code base Carbon compatible.
  • Macintosh: implemented Navigation Services for PowerPC machines.
  • "Add after nearest Host Code" in Import Setup did not work properly. The new node was added to the end of the subtree. Now the new node is inserted as next to the node with largest smaller host code.
  • Added "Insert char" for dimension code definitions in Import Setup.
  • Implemented better presentation of time axis in Lines and Time Functions.
  • Added possibility to read a file that is created by a later program version. This option is available only in server and operator versions.
HAT 4.1.2 final . 1999-11-02

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