Release notes for HAT 5.2

HAT 5.2.3 . 2005-05-05

HAT 5.2.3b2 . 2005-05-05
  • Windows: added F12 for "Save As".
  • Windows: fixed a bug that caused crashes when reading files created by HAT 4. This bug is present in HAT 5.2.2b1 and later
  • Removed an empty ##WebUsers section header when no users are defined, but web users section is checked in save setup.
HAT 5.2.3b1 . 2005-05-04
  • Windows: fixed sorting pictures bug found in HAT 5.2.2.
HAT 5.2.2 . 2005-04-25
  • Import Setup: fixed "Fields" view to show separators correctly for date, value and dimension fields.
  • Macintosh: OS X 10.3.9 seems not to support multiple sheet dialogs as before. It is possible to get such a situation when, for example, undefined dimension code is entered in Transform dialog. The latter dialog is now presented as a global modal dialog.
HAT 5.2.2b1 . 2005-04-21
  • Character conversions between different platforms revised
  • Windows: changed compiler (VC++ 7.0)
  • Import Setup: fixed "Fields" view to show separators correctly for date, value and dimension fields.
  • Import Setup: fixed date field to correctly preserve separator character even when next part is empty.
  • Fixed a bug in macro command DeleteComponent with option "-all".
  • Windows: fixed window maximizing bug found in HAT 5.2.1.
HAT 5.2.1 . 2005-04-07
  • Norwegian translation revised.
  • Added colors orange and pink in time and component functions.
  • Windows: added an error message when the number of menu commands exceeds what the operating system can handle.
HAT 5.2.1b1 . 2005-03-23
  • Windows: added support for /3GB boot.ini switch
  • Added URL attributes menus=none, page=single and title=[text]. See technical notes.
  • Modified macro storage to support thousands of macros. Under Windows problems may still occur if thousands of macros are defined, because Windows can not handle thousands of menu commands.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dimension editor to hang when a large amounts of components were added.
  • Web-HAT: export setting "Exclude quotation marks" affects web pages also.
    Now values can be presented using "Thousands" and "Millions" forms, with or without quotation marks.
HAT 5.2 . 2005-02-27
  • Added a description text for HAT administrators in License dialog.
HAT 5.2b6 . 2005-02-02
  • Implemented variable dimension title widths in Database Info window.
HAT 5.2b5 . 2005-02-01
  • Windows: fixed a bug that caused "Columns" definition page in Cards and Lines to crash.
  • Windows: fixed a bug uwith edit control which caused sometimes the edit field to remain visible. The same bug has also caused crashes in some installations.
HAT 5.2b4 . 2005-01-30
  • Added support for long dimension and field names. Previously long names could be defined, but only ca 11 characters were visible. Now space for these names is reserved dynamically so that every name is always completely visible.
  • Enlarged the dimension edit boxes from 110 to 130 pixels.
  • Changed the exponent character to a capital E. Added a plus-sign for a positive exponent.
  • Added support for up to 32 dimensions
  • Windows: fixed memory management bugs that caused HAT to crash when more than 2 GB of memory was used
  • Mac OS X: changed memory management to allocate most data items using malloc directly instead of NewHandle. This change was done because NewHandle was causing problems with databases over 2 GB in size.
  • Mac OS X: moved Preferences menu command from File menu to HAT menu
  • Mac OS X: added language choice "xxx from system" in Preferences
  • Mac OS X: text strings are now drawn using ATSUI instead of Quickdraw.
    Text editing is still handled by TE, because MLTE has too many bugs to be used in our layered user interface. For this reason all editable texts are still drawn by Quickdraw.
  • Redesigned License dialog:
    moved "Reactivate" button from "Reactivation" tab to "Current License"
    renamed "Activation" tab to "Administrator"
    renamed "Manual Activation" tab to "Activation"
    removed "Manual Reactivation" choice
  • Changed HAT file version number back to "041020"
HAT 5.1.2b3 . 2004-11-27
  • Added an alternative operator +- for exclusive-or.
  • Fixed a bug in dimension path operator ˆ.
  • Added a path operator in dimensions for text and host code search.
    Now @fooˆ returns all components with host code "foo" and their parent components.
  • Added a separate "Web Users" section check box in "Save Setup".
    The web users section was previously saved if "Protection" checkbox was selected.
  • Added Edit menu and right-click commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Erase, New) for "Web Users" window.
  • Added Export and Import menu commands for "Web Users" window.
  • Fixed transfers from Time Functions when using Time Shifts.
    Selection definitions were incorrectly shifted when transferring complete selections.
  • Fixed a bug that caused HAT to crash when saving a large number (larger than 1e32) in a HAT file.
    Now HAT saves large numbers using exponential form.
  • Added possibility to tie a database to a given set of user keys.
    Previously it has been possible to tie a database to a set of HAT Processor code, and now this is expanded to HAT installations without HAT processor.
  • Added Edit menu and right-click commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Erase, New) for "Protection" window.
  • Added right-click commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Erase) for edit controls.
  • Added separate decimal controls for each value field in "Database Settings"
  • Added "Floating" decimals setting
  • Added "notes" URL parameter for web-HAT
  • Updated HAT file version number to "041123"
HAT 5.1.2b2 . 2004-10-24
  • Fixed a bug in OLE interface which caused all calls to exclude string parameters. This bug prevents OLE interface from working properly. It affects HAT versions from 5.1.1b3 to 5.1.2b1, including final 5.1.1
  • Fixed a bug in Activation and Reactivation over the internet. The activation failed if "User Reference" included a space character.
HAT 5.1.2b1 . 2004-10-12
  • Added "Turnover Time" and "Turnover Rate" in Time and Component Functions
  • Activation and Reactivation "License" dialog
HAT 5.1.1 . 2004-09-17
  • Note: There is a bug in this version of HAT which causes the OLE interface not to work. If you need to use the OLE interface (for example, with "HAT fabriken") then after installing the 5.1.1 please replace the HAT.exe file with the latest 5.1.2 beta version.
HAT 5.1.1b5 . 2004-08-23
  • "Characters" definition page layout changed in Import Setup.
HAT 5.1.1b4 . 2004-07-13
  • Added "Exclude Completely" in Import Setup.
  • Changed description texts in Aggregator dialog.
  • Removed card ordinal number and date operators from Aggregator dialog when aggregating to a single card.
HAT 5.1.1b3 . 2004-06-12
  • Added options for Export macro command.
  • Implemented a faster aggregation algorithm for large cards.
  • Added dimension options in aggregation dialog.
  • Added options "Remove Line Texts" and "Remove Zero Lines" in aggregation dialog.
  • Added options skipzerolines, keeplinetexts and skiplinetexts for Aggregate macro command.
  • Fixed bugs in component sorting algorithm used in Components and Component Functions.
HAT 5.1.1b2 . 2004-02-10
  • Web-HAT: added global subset for web users
  • Web-HAT: added CGI interface for Windows
  • Web-HAT: added CGI options
  • Web-HAT: added URL attributes to modify templates: cardfrom, cardto, axisfrom and axisto. See this complete list of options available now.
HAT 5.1.1b1 . 2003-12-12
  • Web-HAT: fixed a bug that caused all logins to fail during the first 20 minutes after machine startup
  • Web-HAT: added URL attributes to modify template selections: dim[n], value[n], cardtext and linetext
  • Web-HAT: implemented a better expansion state handling for Components and Component Functions
  • Redesigned license dialog with tabs
  • Added ctrl-arrow up/down to modify card id in card editor window
  • Fixed dimension and subset parsers to correctly reselect after interrupted browsing in menus
HAT 5.1 . 2003-09-24

HAT 5.1b3 . 2003-09-20
  • Fixed variable name selection bugs in Time and Component Functions
  • Fixed a dimension parser bug in which negation operator was not handled correctly
HAT 5.1b2 . 2003-06-19
  • Added operators = and @ for dimensions to search on texts and host codes respectively.
  • Added alternative operators: ++ for union and -- for negation.
  • Added numeric functions: max, min and if.
  • Added numeric compare operators: <, >, <=, >=, =, <>, &, | and ¬.
  • Added find in Import Setup.
  • Added journal in Preferences.
  • Added Mac OS X native carbon support.
  • Added "Cards" combination method in Componets, Time Functions and Component Functions.
  • Added # operator in Time Functions.
  • Added date formats with four-digit years in program preferences. This setting affects date presentations in Lines and Time Functions.
  • Released the new licensing scheme.
  • Changed max number of dimensions to 24.
  • Changed Recent Files menu to be part of the File menu directly. Full pathnames can still be shown in a separate submenu.
  • Added "Run as browser HAT" in Preferences.
  • Added "Variance" and "Standard Deviation" in Lines.
  • Added "Add" button in "Aggregate" dialog.
  • Added "HTML Entity Names" checkbox in HTML export options.
  • Fixed a bug in subset parser with overlapping names including a space character.
  • Fixed XML declaration line. Changed "?xml" to lowercase and added "encoding" attribute.
  • Added HTML declaration line. HAT uses "HTML 4.01 Transitional" when exporting HTML.
  • Added OLE property Application.BaseCount.
  • Added OLE property Database.CloseOnRelease.
  • Added OLE method Application.Web_Command.
  • Added OLE method Database.GetBase.
  • Added OLE method Database.OpenFile.
  • Added OLE method Database.Export.
  • Removed "Newsletter" window.
  • Implemented a "Drop-down" like chooser control for Windows 95 etc interface"
  • Moved column settings and pie value settings to a single definition page in Components analysis"
  • Added "Card Count" combination method in Time and Component Functions
  • Added "Component Count" combination method in Component Functions
HAT 5.1b1 . 2002-07-10
  • Fixed a memory management error on machines with more than 2 GB of virtual memory.
  • French translation changed.
  • Fixed a bug in Lines analysis. The "Relative Distribution" hanged when all the data values were equal.
  • HAT Browser: grayed out "Macros", "Time Scales" and "Subsets" -menu commands when their submenus are empty.
  • Component Functions bar graphics scaling: value axis scaling is automatically fitted to the actual visible values after a calculation.
  • Changed "Close All" in "Windows" menu not to close database windows.
  • Added "Percentage" column in Components.
  • Added multiple value fields support in XML interface.
  • Added XML export to Time and Component Functions.
  • Added multiple date formats in program preferences. This setting affects date presentations in Lines and Time Functions.
  • Added "Window Title" and "Column Titles" options in numeric "Copying Options".
  • Added sort options in Lines analysis.
  • Added "Open Recent File" submenu.
  • Added "Expand To" menu command to expand dimension components to a given level number.
  • Added column titles in graphic export of Time and Component functions.
  • Added support for exponential value format in flat file import.
  • Changed dimension editor to indent text and host code fields also.
  • Added HAT Version in XML commands.
  • Added Dimension lists in XML commands.
  • Added Component lists in XML commands.
  • Added Template lists in XML commands.
  • Added OLE property Application.Version.
  • Added OLE property Application.Indicators.
  • Added OLE property Dimension.ExportComponents.
  • Added OLE method Database.TemplateList
  • Added OLE method Database.ErrorFile
  • Added DeleteSavesetup macro command.
  • Added DuplicateTemplate macro command.

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