Release notes for HAT 5.3

HAT 5.3.3 . 2008-03-07
  • Web-HAT: added component colors for stacked dimensions.
  • Web-HAT: fixed a bug in stacked dimension component expansion.
  • Added automatic HAT-box device installation.
HAT 5.3.2 installers for Windows . 2008-01-09
  • Added HAT-box v2 USB driver.
HAT 5.3.2 . 2007-11-29
  • Added component colors for stacked dimensions.
  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash with 3 or 4 stacked dimensions.
  • Macintosh: moved navigation dialogs to main thread due to a bug in OS X 10.5 Leopard.
HAT 5.3.1 . 2007-10-25
  • Windows: added "Licensing" version string in HAT.exe Properties dialog.
  • Macintosh: added background picture and application folder alias in dmg file.
HAT 5.3.1b1 . 2007-10-22
  • Fixed strange behaviour of "Show all dimensions" checkbox in Import Setup.
  • Rearranged several right-click menus: editing commands are now always placed now on top.
  • Added drag-and-drop rearrangement of stacked dimensions.
  • Added drag-and-drop rearrangement of sort fields in Lines.
  • Removed right-click commands "Hierarchy" and "Flat" from stacked dimensions.
  • Renamed new component placement alternatives in Import Setup.
  • Windows: fixed writing to files with long filenames (>128 characters).
HAT 5.3 . 2007-09-16

HAT 5.3b15 . 2007-09-06
  • Fixed a bug in the numeric parser: a space after a percent character was not allowed.
  • Changed base window positioning: base windows now appear side by side in the main screen or application window.
  • Dimension editor window is now closed when other commands change existing components in the database. This may happen when importing a new transaction file with undefined components or by using macro command DeleteComponent.
  • Changed decimal number formatting: eliminated 3-digit separator between the third and fourth decimal digit if four decimals are requested (5.1234 instead of 5.123 4). 3-digit separators are inserted as before if five or more decimals are requested.
  • Added macro command NewComponent.
  • Added macro command DimOptions.
HAT 5.3b14 . 2007-05-28
  • Added stacked dimensions view in Components and Components Functions.
  • Added "New Components: Under # using host codes" alternative in the import setup.
HAT 5.3b13 . 2007-03-23
  • Fixed a bug in "Close All" command.
  • Added the -dim option in Aggregate macro command.
  • Arranged Subsets, Import Setups and Save Setups always in alphabetical order in the menus.
HAT 5.3b12 . 2007-02-01
  • Added sorting in Time Functions analysis.
  • Added "Show Before values" checkbox in Time Functions analysis.
  • Added right-click commands for components in dimension editor. Implemented component sorting in dimension editor.
HAT 5.3b11 . 2006-12-12
  • Minor fixes.
HAT 5.3b10 . 2006-11-23
  • Windows: added an alternative method to contact the license server using Internet Explorers OLE-interface. This helps bypassing certain firewalls.
HAT 5.3b9 . 2006-11-09
  • OLE: fixed a bug that caused OLE error code -100 (errGeneral) to be returned for a number of minor error conditions. Normally these errors are only included in an "errors.txt" file. This bug is present in versions from 5.3b3 to 5.3b8.
HAT 5.3b8 . 2006-10-24
  • Added notes and signatures in Cards analysis type.
  • Modified analysis export to HTML to use embedded style sheet.
  • Changed group presentation in Card and Cards in Web-HAT.
    Now group field is show on each card line and separate group lines are not shown at all.
  • Added red/green color coding of card values in Web-HAT.
  • Added card signatures in Web-HAT.
  • Added "For each part" in "Create parent components" in dimension import setup.
  • Web-HAT: a file is now reloaded if it is changed on disk.
  • Added an error message for an undefined dimension component in XML.
HAT 5.3b7 . 2006-04-13
  • Fixed a bug that disabled all dimension menus in a browser-HAT.
  • Fixed a bug that caused license information to be lost in certain conditions.
  • Macintosh OS X: updated to XCode 2.2.1 and created first universal version of HAT. Both PowerPC and Intel code is included in a single program file.
  • Macintosh OS X: added support for storing passwords in user's keychain.
  • Macintosh OS X: fixed printing crashes under 10.4.
HAT 5.3b6 . 2006-01-16
  • Fixed a bug in the dimension editor that caused components to be randomly deleted after removal of a number of components.
  • Added -LN option in HAT-Text Cards section.
HAT 5.3b5 . 2005-12-14
  • Fixed bugs in error logging found in 5.3b3 and 5.3b4.
HAT 5.3b4 . 2005-12-13
  • Dimension expressions in installed analysis templates are know converted according to the changes made to dimensions
  • Subset expressions in installed analysis templates are know converted according to the changes made to global subset names
  • Added language option in ErrorFile macro command
  • Added "Redefined components" under "HAT-Code" in dimension import setup
  • Added "Duplicates" under "Host code" in dimension import setup
HAT 5.3b3 . 2005-10-14
  • Fixed a problem with dimension codes starting with a minus character "-": when these components were the first components in a dimension, they were considered to be dimension options and ignored. Now if the first code begins with a "-", a separator line with "--" is added.
  • Added a verbose mode in ErrorFile macro command
  • Changed the way the error logfile is handled: the logfile content is cleared if no errors occur. Previously old errors remained in the file, and were removed only if at least one new error occured.
  • Added dimension sorting options in Components and Component Functions analyses.
    Reordered items in Sorting frame: column/order instead of order/column.
  • Added "HAT-Code" dimension sorting option in Lines analysis
  • Added a text copy of the database info window
  • Updated HAT file version number to "051004"
HAT 5.3b2 . 2005-10-03
  • Added a mutex to serialise OLE-calls
  • Added SortComponents macro command
HAT 5.3b1 . 2005-09-29
  • Added wildcard support in Import macro command
  • Added scrolling in context (right-click) menus
  • Added context menu for subset box
  • Added context menus for column titles
  • Added context menus for dimension, subset and formula edit boxes
  • Modified context menus for variables, web users and protection
  • Added support for character strings as field separators in Import Setup
  • Expanded max number of fields to 1023 and character positions to 4095 in Import Setup
  • Fixed a bug in dimension editor: deleting components with a macro command while the dimension editor was open resulted in a crash when trying to store changes.
  • Added support for home and end keys in text fields
  • Added "Show all dimensions" checkbox in Import Setup"
  • Fixed bugs with a subset editor when the subset is modified by importing a HAT file. The editor window did not correctly pick up the changes made to the subset.
  • Added an extra check for recalculation when closing a subset editor. If changes were made, but not calculated and the subset is in use by open templates then it will be automatically recalculated before closing the editor window.
  • Fixed a bug in macro command Export: when both a template name and a file name were specified and no templates were found, all templates were exported.
  • Modified error message handling in macro command Export: fatal error messages are logged in the error log file instead of aborting the command execution.
  • Mac OS X: Fixed text strings in exported graphics. The system does not inclue ATSUI strings in PICTs.
  • Changed the way how field title width is determined for analysis windows. Starting from HAT 5.2b4 space was reserved so much that all characters were always visible. This resulted in problems in certain files with very long field names: items that were positioned to the right were moved too far to be accessible in most laptop screens. Now an upper limit of 150 pixels is defined for the field titles.
  • Fixed File operator offset bug: offset values were not correctly stored in HAT-files
  • Updated HAT file version number to "050928"

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